Everyone knows Mars, and the tasty treats which have become a sensation world-wide.

Well if you are already a fan of Mars, Snickers, Milky-Way or Bounty, then you will absolutely love these high-protein re-creations! The protein bars are jam-packed with protein, with 18g in the Snickers & Bounty bars, and 19g in the Mars & Milky-Way bars!

The irresistible flavour of the Mars products is just like the real thing! Get your hands on one today to see for yourself, and we assure you, you wont be disappointed.

As well as the bars, Mars have launched their own Whey Protein powder! Each serving of this delicious protein offers a combination of whey protein concentrate (known for its rapid rate of absorption), plus, isolates and hydrolysate, resulting in a highly effective and efficient blend, perfect for post-workout and recovery.

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